How To Increase Traffic And Get More Sales With eCommerce Optimization

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If you think you’re doing everything right but still facing low conversions, then don’t worry. 

This happens to everyone as it needs patience and some methods to turn things around in your favor. 

Conversion rate is the number of users/customers who take the desired action on your website. The desired action could be form filling, survey completion or in case of an e-commerce platform, your desired action would certainly be making a purchase.

What is eCommerce Conversion Optimization?

If the majority of visitors come to your website but don’t take your desired action, it means you’re facing low conversion. E-commerce conversion optimization process is a process that helps to increase the number of users who take your desired action. 

Let’s learn about how to perform ecommerce conversion optimization.

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1) Make your e-commerce store safe for customers

If your e-commerce store is not safe for consumers and they identify your website as lacking potential security measures, they won’t complete the checkout process. You can apply this to yourself – if you don’t trust someone, you won’t buy from them. The same goes for your customers, they also find it impossible to buy from a protection-less website. 


When a customer visits a website, he looks for potential signs to see if your website is secure and safe or not. You need to look for trust-building elements and understand them. It is the first step in increasing your e-commerce conversions. 


After understanding the trust-building elements, apply them to your e-commerce platform. A professional e-commerce development agency always focuses on creating a safe site.

2) Show customers who’re behind the store

Another important ecommerce conversion optimization is showing your customers who are behind the brand. This helps in building trust with your consumers. It helps to improve your store’s credibility and boost your sales. 

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Every website has a dedicated web-page with About Us name. You must create an About Us page and share your story on this page. Let your consumers become familiar with your brand and create a story around your brand and tell them why you started this brand. 


Apart from the About Us page, it is also important to create a Contact Us page. This page should have your physical address and contact details. This helps the consumer to learn that you’re a legitimate business. You can try to make it better by adding your team’s images, your office’s images, and you can add videos as well if you want.

3) Relevant information should be visible

Your product page should contain all the relevant details so that the customer won’t face any surprise expense at the checkout process. Things like delivery charges, out of stock, not available in your country, and any other information should be clearly mentioned on the product page. 


When the customer finds out about any hidden charges or delivery charges at the time of checkout, this results in a huge turn off for them and that’s where your conversion rates drop. Relevant information should be visible so that it won’t place a negative impact on the buying decision.

4) Product images should be high-quality and more in number

Some e-commerce stores make this mistake of displaying low-quality and only a few images of the product. This goes as a negative message to your consumers and puts them in a state of uncertainty. If you want to get more sales with ecommerce conversion optimization, then pay attention to this particular point. 


Using high-quality and numerous images of the product are very important. Display the pictures from each angle and the consumers should be able to enlarge the image and zoom-in & zoom-out as well. The image should be high resolution and avoid any editing that alters the originality of the product in the image. 


An expert e-commerce development agency always focuses on high-quality product images

5) Write a concise and engaging description

Product description can go a long way in positively impacting the buying decision and improving your conversion rate.


The product description should be concise, short, and engaging. Try to present the product as the ideal solution to a particular problem that your product is made to solve.


The product description is your chance to win the customer. Try to write some specifications and all the features of the product so the customer knows what benefits he’ll get.

6) Use marketing strategies

Applying marketing strategies that are explicitly designed to increase conversion rates can help your store as well. Present promotional offers to visitors like offering discounts on regular purchases and discounts on first purchase. Use your email list to market new products and promotions to previous customers.  Free illustrations of Ecommerce

An effective strategy to increase conversions is creating urgency and scarcity. Display messages like few items left, hours left in sale end, and other urgency messages.

Final Words

When employed properly, ecommerce conversion optimization promotes your sales by improving your store’s visibility and attracting more traffic.

We hope these strategies help you optimize your online store and increase traffic and generate more sales.

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